Saturday, 29 June 2013

Force on Force -cold war gone hot - a new beginning PT 1

A long time ago I became hooked on the cold war , I remember seeing the public information films showing phantoms scrambling to intercept Russian bombers in the GIUK gap and Harriers deploying from hides in German forests and always wanted to game this period but was never hooked on the 6mm micro tanks and the heavy going rules but with the huge amount of 20mm figures and vehicles and the superb FOF supplement cold war gone hot ,I decided to have ago when I had finished my Modern Afghan stuff . The main part of my Moderns were Brittania which were always superb with magnificent service and I was in the process of ordering my cold war stuff from Dave when he sadly passed away ,after a while his kit re appeared through another manufacturer and I eagerly ordered and was well and truley dissapointed the packs of figures were packed wrong ,rifles were broken the vehicles were covered in air bubbles and the cast on crew had heads half missing etc, so very dis heartened the lot went in a drawer. I sent emails complaining but recieved no answers so I orederd afresh from S&S , liberation and Elhiem and rebuilt the brittania vehicles that could be saved and then got side tracked after a serious illness I am not allowed to work for at least a monh more so with plenty of time on my hands my cold war project starts again ,over the next few days I will post pics of my progress hopefully to inspire me to finish everything off .My main project is the B.A.O.R ,a platoon of infantry and vehicles to cover the scenarios in cold war gone hot including 2 harriers and RAF regiment for the hunting the harriers scenario and the SAS for the stay behind teams in the SAS atttack scenario and then everything for the NATO forces in the massive unpublished VDV scenario that is available on the excellent cold war gone hot hot hot blog.

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