Sunday, 14 April 2013

white devil

Just finished reading White Devil by Stephen Brumwell , The true story of  Major Robert rogers raid on the Abenaki vilage of St Francis .I first heard of this raid in the classic film Northwest passage with Spencer Tracy playing Rogers , White Devil shows a very different version of events not for the faint hearted the book is a real adventure story very gripping and hard to put down ,a really enjoyable read that covers the FIW background as well .I was interested to find Rogers died in London so I  looked up his grave site with a future visit in mind ,only  to find that if Rogers ever had a grave marker it vanished a long time ago ,the grave yard is now concreted over and amongst the bodies removed to "other burial sites" Rogers is not listed at all ,a sad end to a real action hero .

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  1. I remember seeing the Beverly at the museum that was at Beverly many years ago. I remember when they got it and it needed restoring, then went to see it when it was completed. Pity that the museum lost funding and had to close. I always wondered what happened to that aircraft and now I know!