Thursday, 4 April 2013

Pulp Fiction

A selection of Pulp Fiction books have been reprinted by Wordsworth Editions under the "Tales of Mystery & the Supernatural "series .They appear to be widely available from bookstores although I got mine through amazon ,they all have the cover price of £2.99 .They have very basic printing on pulp style paper which adds to the whole thing I think.I purchased four titles which are:

The case book of Carnacki The Ghost Finder .
The tales of a Edwardian ghost finder a 191 pages containing an introduction by D.S.Davies  and 9 stories first published in Pearson's magazine  in 1898-89.

The Right Hand of Doom & other tales of Solomon Kane.
203 pages consisting of an introduction by M.J Elliot,10 stories ,an appendix and 2 poems by R.E.Howard

The casebook of Sexton Blake .
The second  thickest one in my first order of these books at 545 pages which includes a introduction by D.S.Davies ,7 stories first printed between 1908 and 1923 and a warning that some of the views described in the book are unacceptable today ? . Looking forward to reading this as i remember reading some of the stories after getting hooked on the 70,s TV show .

A Charlie Chan Omnibus.
The heaviest book weighing in at 641 pages ,Again an introduction by m.J.Elliot and 3 of the earliest Chan novels by Earl Derr Biggers ,The House Without a Key , The Chinese Parrot and Behindd that curtain .

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