Monday, 4 February 2013

Pulp Alley :update 3

Ill Health and bad weather have held me up from collecting my Tarzan figures from the emporium but now I have them in my hands thought I would do a quick review of the figures most of which will end up in my Pulp Alley Leagues. I purchased the lord of the jungle pack and four packs of cannibals all manufactured by Northstar miniatures. Each pack contains four miniatures the tarzan pack being the best pack overall ,the figures are the same size as Artizan and contain seperate spears and shields where required (above) the spears will need cutting down to size. The figures are very brittle , a couple lost arms as I tried to position them but they went back together thanks to rapid cure ,overall detail is good ,some of the figures will need the hands drilling to hold the spears . They come on integral bases and not slottas . The Tarzan pack contains the man himself ,Jane ,Boy and Cheeta all the human figures carry knifes.

The Cannibal King pack contains a portly king ,a crouching witch doctor and drummer with drum plus a pile of skulls.

All the other packs contain four figures in action poses 

Cannibal war-chiefs

Extreme cannibals (tribal scars ,bones through noses)

All in all Im happy with the packs( the only one I might not use is the exreme cannibals which ironically were the ones I wanted most ) and I am looking forward to painting them up .


  1. Great.
    I got those models and they were all joy to paint. Will look farward to see these with some paint on them later on.

  2. Just looked at them on your blog ,very nice and a great blog ,thanks.