Monday, 18 February 2013

Laser cut buildings review.

 I have recently built some of the laser cut buildings from both Battle Flag and 4Ground and thought I would give a brief review of what I thought of them and how they went together.
 First the Battle ground western range ,I have built 2 the saloon and Sheriffs office ,I thought I would start with the smaller ,simpler one first which was the saloon this was my first mistake as the instruction sheet is not that clear and I ended up pulling it apart .The problem was the raised floor and if I had looked at the Sheriffs office I would not have had this problem as the instructions in that are a lot clearer .as can be seen in the photos the boardwal;k has steps up to it and the interior floor is raised to match up to this and the small supports for this need to be in the exact place which is hard to see in the saloon instructions.
 The detail is very good with seperate door frames and interior floor and wall planking shown, The roofs come plain tar covered types which I prefer but tiles can be bought seperatley from battle Flag. They scale perfectly with Artizan figures although I based mine on 2 pence coins and these do take some placing on the board walk ,especially behind the hitching rails.The Interior of the Sheriffs office is more detailed with a side room with "metal" jail doors ,this section fitted together very well considering I actually broke one of the rails the doors slide into. The Sheriff sign also comes with this kit but the wanted posters are ones I downloaded from the web.The saloon does not come with a sign but one can be purchased from the Manufacturer the one on mine is again downloaded from the web.
 I have read about warping when painting and gluing together but I did not experience any problems I used PVA glue and Vajello paints .
I only painted the window frames and roofs and the jail walls and bars and personally will leave the wooden walls and floors alone on these kits.
 The interior with Jail cells. I know there are cheaper kits on the market but I will get more Battle flag ,I love the detail and the raised board walks ,if you do want cheaper Battleflag actually do a set of cheaper buildings but these do not have the raised floors or boardwalks.

Overall a 10 out 0f 10 as the only real problem would easily have been prevented if I had looked at other instructions or even been a bit better model builder.I have more on order.

 One of the 4 Ground dark age hovels ,a lovely pre painted kit that fitted together really well ,The instructions again were not perfect but the kit was pretty simple and the joints were obvious ,even to me. The roof is teddy bear fur which when the instructions are followed soon looks and feels like thatch .
I have also built one of the small wagons from 4 Ground which again is a lovely kit it is shown in a western setting but will appear across the centuries for me in many different settings .

4 ground make buildings and accessories for the dark Ages ,ECW , 20th century and the American frontier .I plan to buy more of the Dark Ages ,ECW and American Frontier range and I also have the Rorkes Drift set sold by Warlord games but made bu 4 griound.
4 ground score a 10+ out of 10 the pre painting saves lots of time.

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