Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Classified-special operations missions 1940-2010

The latest scenario book from Ambush Alley Games for thier force on force game has been out for a couple of weeks but I have only just sat down and had chance to read it, its the now common AAG/Osprey format with 136 pages and lots of pictures of wargames in action ,plates from osprey books and table top maps.There are pages on special op forces from around the globe and rules to suit ,a guide to wargames figures and lots of scenarios.
The Scenarios are split into 3 sections :
Historical :
Raiders on makin island -1942 USMC v Japs
Heading toward extraction-1969 Vietnam
fighting th war of Attrition - 1970 Sinai egypt v IDF
The Battle of Mirbat -oman 1972 SAS v Rebels
Bulldozers lead the way- 1983 Grenada
price of a vendetta - 1986 Afghanistan
Seals on the Tarmac- 1989 Panama city USA v Panama
Cross Border Incident -2008 Syria USA v Al Qaeda
Night Raid -2012 Helmand ISAF v Taliban

Generic (made up )
6 scenarios using generic forces including 2 mini-campaigns

Hollywood (film based scenarios )
3 scenarios one involving Force 10 on a secret mission against the Nazi forces in the Med ..
A team of Special ops on a jungle mission who become hunted by a alien hunter ???
A special ops team betrayed and alone haveto escape a drugs cartel in mexico

A great addition to a great game 10 out of 10

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