Thursday, 3 May 2012

Force on Force official tournament -update

Hi not had that many confirm by email yet that you want to take part ,although had a lot of interest so still not been able to confirm too much so giving a cut off entry date for 31st May 2012 then I will confirm everything and remember if at this point you cant make the date set please don't worry .

Date :                            TBC (june or july )
Venue :                          Sheffield have 3 venues on offer will depend on numbers.
Type :                            knock out ,number of rounds dependent on numbers taking part.

Size &type of Forces :   Again depends on numbers but 1st round will be Infantry only one or two sections for regulars ,all games will be a generic regular force against insurgents. 1st round at least will be played as both sides against same opponent.I.E you will play both regulars and then insurgents against same player.

Scale : if you can supply both forces and scenery then anything 10,15 ,20 25 or 28mm .

What do I need from you : an email containing ,name ,what forces you have available ,scale and if June or july is best for you.

Will it cost me to enter  : Yes a small donation (made on the day)which will go to the Royal British Legion and again if we get large numbers a small room hire charge (in total no more than £5.00.)

Prizes: Yes at the moment a few collectable bits from Ambush Alley games ,Caps ,Keychains ,15mm collectable figure plus winners certificates and I'm in disscussion with a couple of sponsers so maybe more .

Age: No real age limit we have a couple of juniors registered but not enough to run a junior only tournament so no age restrictions .

Rules : of course Osprey edition FOF , any tournament amendments will be sent to everyone prior to the games. At least 2 or 3 pointmen will be there and their decisions will be final ,decisions will be made on fair play and within the rules remember this is for fun .

More soon. Plesae pop and see us at Triples with any questions

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