Monday, 21 May 2012

The Falklands :Triples after show report

The Argentinians wait for another drubbing 
The game was a generic Falklands scenario which was played about 14 times over the weekend ,with a British victory every game ,everyone seemed to enjoy the game and we had lots of people stop by to ask questions about the rules .

Tim Gows excellent game
The show its self was fun as always ,Saturday was definitely the busiest which gave me a chance to join in Tim Gows superb Wargames Development  game on the Sunday ,Tims a real nice guy if you have not yet visited his blog Mega Blitz and more,you must do so (link on the right ) .

Most importantly we raised a nice amount for the Royal British Legion and I must thank our hosts Sheffield Wargames Society for their generous donation , and of course everyone else who donated over the weekend especially John & Elaine my fellow pointmen everything on the table was down to john ,the paperwork was  down to Elaine  I just sat there and looked pretty ?  and Shawn  Peggy and Rob of Ambush Alley games who make this all possible.

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