Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Underfire Miniatures

The Helmand 2010 Brits I have been using recently have caused quite a bit of interest so I thought I would do a mini review of the figures. So far I only have the Helmand Brits so I will concentrate on them although I do plan to start on a few of the other ranges soon.

There are 8 packs at the moment with more promised the packs are a nice mix of poses with none or very little flash all usually in sets ,such as Fighting ,Engineering and command. All figures wear the new Helmet and osprey body armour ,weapon's including SA80 with pistol grip and the 7.62 sharpshooter rifle and the Accuracy International snipers rifle .The poses are natural although a couple do look dodgy in the photo's on the web site they are great in the "flesh" ,the multi part ones fit together nicely . Suport packs have a Javelin and Sustained Fire GMPG .Some packs might have figures some people won't like the engineer pack for example has a chap with a wrecking bar for smashing through those adobe walls and another is carrying a ladder both regular sights in Afghanistan but a few gamers have moaned about them ,for me the only figure I didn't use was a prone rifleman just because I'm not keen on prone figures,just my choice.
Overall 10 out of 10

Available from Bill at  

http://www.underfireminiatures.com/index.htm this also has news of upcoming goodies.

or from John at
http://www.wargamesemporium.co.uk/       John also attends most Uk shows and has some fantastic postage rates as well .

acouple of pics they look a lot better in the fleas (my painiting that is the figures are superb.)

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