Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Hammerhead 2012

Our first show for 2012 was Hammerhead at the historic Kelham Hall near Newark ,as usual we ran force on force games ,this time we had 2 games one set in Helmand 2010 using the very nice Under fire Brits .The second was a Falklands game with figures ,terrain etc by John Grayson my fellow fund raiser . We had lots of fun and lots of people following the Pointman signs to ask questions about the game either because they had already bought it and were unsure about certain things or to clear a few things up before buying it. It was avery quiet show this year and seemed to have a lot less visitors than usual but we were fighting a bad weather forecast (in fact the weather was great ) and the recession hopefully the traders will stick with it and things will pick up next year I must admit it was our worst ever show for fundraising.

 The Para's rush into hand to hand just as aoff taget mortar strike hits
 The full layout for the Falklands
 Brits in Helmand Circa 2010

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