Monday, 23 May 2011

Force on Force at Triples 2011

Sheffield Triples 21st-22nd May
A Scenario based on the Road Warrior documentary TV series Afghanistan 2010

A British Supply Convoy is racing to reach the safety of a forward base before darkness falls .The Taliban are also rushing to the same area to stop the British vehicles in their tracks....

The game lasted 10 turns ,British Objective to get all the convoy and escorts to the far table edge and safety before the end of turn 10. Taliban objective to do as much damage as possible .

Force on force rules with 20mm Britannia ,Elhiem figures and Britannia and revell vehicles and air cover from the Royal British Legion Gift Range.

we managed to run 10 games over the weekend with a mix of total newcomers to the rules ,players of the original AA rules and owners of the new edition ,all were pleased and enjoyed the game and a few sets of rules were purchased from the many traders attending .  I would like to thank the following : Sheffield Wargames Society ,the organisors of triples and who made a large donation to our fund raising bucket for the Royal British Legion. Tim Gow a really nice wargamer who,s blog megablitz and more is a must see, Bill from underfire Miniatures for his support  look at his site to see his lovely figures ,every one who took part in our game or contributed to our fund raising and of course Shawn and the team at Ambush Alley Games for not onlt their support but also a fantastic rules system.

me in the RBL shirt

John and Myself

Itchy and Gismo (forum names)

For king and rule set


  1. My congrats. Peggy chose wisely to make you a pointman of AAG. Seems to have been a very good day.

  2. Thanks for the shout. Glad to hear the game went so well.