Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Elhiem Figures Review

Most modern gamers will already be aware of Matt at Elhiem's work ,I for one wasn't though, I was a big  fan of Britannia's modern Brits & Afghan Stuff but with the sad loss of Dave Howitt I was left with a few gaps in my collection .I did look at another well known manufacturer but was put off by a poor website and unanswered emails so I tried Elhiem and very glad I am too ,not only a very good service and help with my fundraising but really wonderful figures as well .The modern the British packs are nice and in use able sets , I was lucky in that as I was ready to put my order in a few new packs appeared for example two female dog handlers . The taliban are nice and come with a nice selection of  weapons some are carrying AK's with slung RPG's etc .Above are some comparison shots of a Elhiem (unpainted) and a Britannia sorry for poor quality.

Overall Comparison's
Elhiem slightly Slimmer than Britannia
Some weapons are almost identical in size some are not ?
Elhiem's Taliban have a more modern appearance than Dave |Howitts at first glance I wasnt impressed with the dogs from Elhiem but now I have them painted can't think what I thought was wrong.
sets of Separate back packs some with weapons are a nice touch and allow for a bigger selection of figures
Mix together on the Table very well ,will try some more photo's later.

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