Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Raffle -all the latestdetails

Hi just to stop you hunting through my Blog ,all the details are in this post (I think? )
Prizes and Sponsers:

* Irregular Miniatures £5.00 gift voucher
* SIGNED COPIES OF ALL AMBUSH ALLEY IN PRINT BOOKS - Ambush Alley - Force on Force - Ambush Valley -Day of the Rangers - Operation Uruzgan - Ambush Z

* Caliver Books- a 5 issue subscription to Battle Games Magazine
* Two Fat Lardies 1 each of : through the mud and the blood -Charlie don't surf -Bag the Hun- Le Fau Sacre
* West Wind have donated 1 of each of:
Secrets of the 3rd Reich Rule book-
German zombies pack 1-
German zombies pack 3 -
Doomsday book
* Baccus 5 prizes : 1 x French 1806-1812 army pack- Polemos acw- Polemos Napoleonic- Polemos Franco Prussian war- Polemos Napoleonic companion
* North star 1 x 28mm fallschirmjager 24 figure box set
* Osprey 2x Fields of Glory Renaissance rule book 2 x war of religion
* S&S - 28 mm panzer 4 - 28mm jeep28mm - 75mm howitzer
*Warlord Games
Box set of Waffen ss
Box set of Roman Veterans
Fallschirmjager Tank hunters blister
Box set of Scottish Highlanders
Box of ECW cuirrassiers
Pak 40 blister pack
81 mm morter blister pack
*Gripping Beast – 1 x BRIT08 – 1 x ANZAC 08 – 1 x HVA04 – 1 x VIK24
Grubby Tanks 1 x painted 20 mm tiger 11

41 individual Prizes up for grabs.
£1.00 for a strip of five tickets =£1.00 5 chances to win
on sale from Wargames Emporium Sheffield store only
John Grayson and myself at clubs and shows etc.
What do you win : what you want you pick be in Wargames Emporium for the draw and if yor ticket comes out you pick from the prizes that are left, if you cant be there jot down your first 3 choices and leave with your ticket seller
when and where is the draw Wargames Emporium ,13th November 2010 at 1pm

Ther may be more prizes I did contact over 40 manufacturers but only recieved replies from the ones above, Wargames Emporium are asking the others if they can donate and hoping a stockist might succeed where I failed ,but with the recession etc. who knows ,I will keeep you posted.
And again a big thank you to all the ones that have donted already.

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