Monday, 16 August 2010

Kelham Island 1940's weekend

A couple of pictures of some of Lelhams exhibits

During the school holidays we had a family visit to a local museum called Kelham island ,a city center site of old steel works and the famous little mesters workshops. There was a 1940's weekend in progress when we visited which was great fun and a lot of military exhibits from sheffields war efforts were on display plus a lot of older weapons .During our visit we met an extraordinary chap called Geoff Blore who runs an excellent book store called Dicky Bloods Books .This remakable gent prints and distributes books that focus the ordinary service men and are mainly biographys concerning ww2 I bought a copy of SAVED BY THE BOMB by Brian Carter which covers his story from being a school boy at the start of the war to enlisting with the Navy commanding a landing craft on D-Day and being sent t help with the proposed invasion of Japan. wonderful book ,please visit the website.

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