Sunday, 24 April 2016

1066 country and more than a battlefield

Had a few days away ,based ourselves in Eastbourne but travelled around this fascinating area mainly looking at the battle of Hastings but found much more .

Our first port of call was the town of Battle ,Battle Abbey and Senlac Hill .
Battle Abbey


Looking up Senlac Hill from the Brittany units positions

The battle filed has many information Boards 

Another view up the hill from thee Norman Lines 

The Abbey Stands on the crest of the hill ,which was higher and steeper at the time 

A better idea of the steepness from this angle 

There were no trees and terracing at the time of the battle

Most of the original Abbey is in Ruins

Looking down Senlac hill from Harolds position

The site where Harold Fell

There is much more to see in the area

Hastings Shipwreck and Fishing museums

The boat to the right was one of the famous small ships that took part in the  B.E.F rescue

Muskets bound for the CSA found in a wreck 

Bodiam Castle

Crime Museum,not for the faint hearted  some original items on display 

Eastbourne Redoubt a wonderful museum 

The Redoubt is home to many Regimental Collections
Some very rare Military uniforms and Equipment on display 

The Bomber Command Memorial at Beachy Head 

The famous Lighthouse

Pevensy castle , a fortress dating back to Roman Times 

Trebuchet stones from one of the 4 seiges  that took place here

In Roman Times this was the Sea Harbour ,today the sea is 1mile away

This cannon was palced here at the time of the Spanish Armada


  1. Judging by some of those photographs, you must have walked past my front door! Glad you enjoyed all the Sunshine Coast had to offer.

  2. Had a great time,you live in a lovely spot ,we plan to come back again .