Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Wednesday night Gaming Corsus Honorum &Terminators ?

I popped along to Sheffield war Games Society last night to play a game of Terminator Genysis the new game fromWarlord Games and pay my subs  , Whilst i was waiting for the game to be set up John Armatys invited me to help play test his Cursus Honorum which I think will be a participation game at Triples next year it is a game were you try to gain promotion  through the ranks of Roman society whilst getting older and facing possible death each turn ,it was really fun and easy to learn and look forward to playing it again and also the RPG and Board game versions as well . The Terminator game was also fun and quick I played the Terminators and John Grayson was the Rebels I agve them agood kick in which at first looked the only outcome but with a bit more luck on the dice rolls the game could have ended differently ,the rebels do stand a chance and adding advanced rules and characters from the movie would add alot more . To find out more about Sheffield Wargames Society , Triples or Cursus Honorum or similar games look at the following links .

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