Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Osprey's They come unseen

Tonight at SWGS I played the new Osprey boardgame they come unseen a game of cold war submarines , its easy to learn fun to play and is quite gripping as well in our game I played the Russian Destroyers and supply ships John took the part of the NATO submarines on covert missions to destroy the Russiuan bases . After turn 2 I had sunk one of the NATO subs and thought I was on to an easy win 3 turns later I was in a panic as I was low on fuel and ammo ,the game ended in a draw . The game was designed by asubmarine officer and playtested aboard British subs so it is probably as realistic as you can get without becoming mind numbing ,the rule book is nice and thin ,no dice rolls but really fun .Also I would like to mention that Osprey have donated one to our Raffle for the Royal British Legion so buy aticket and get the chance to win this great game .
from the Russian side 

some of the NATO bits delicately modelled by John

Depth charge 

Ramming Speed

Ping..Ping ..Ping

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