Saturday, 25 April 2015

Heroic Ballads

I have been lucky enough to receive some great support over the last few years from Marcin Gerkowicz of Assault Publishing and he has just sent me a copy of his latest rules a Fantasy set called Heroic Ballads . The rules are a 40 page PDF download from his store (or will be very soon )    . The rules are very quick play and you do not need hundreds of figures to play the quick ply tests we have done had no more than 30 figures on the table between us . You only need a  couple of D6 and a few coloured counters to play besides the figures and off you go ,we had great fun using the terrain and figures we use to use to play D&D all those years ago and it actually reminded us of the fun we use to have playing that . A cracking game ideal for club nights or for quick participation games at shows .Marcin has included some simple army lists and spell lists and would love to have feed back on new races and stuff ,now the best bit they will be  FREE to download he does ask that if you like them and can afford some thing to make adoration to either a Polish based health charity or the British Legion through my page both haver links in the rules , a really great gesture from a really nice guy who I am hoping to meet later this year . So if fantasy is your thing (or just feeling nostalgic for D&D type fun ) then go to Assault Publishing page (by the way his other games are great too . ) I will post a game report and pics later .


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