Thursday, 5 March 2015

Rorke's Drift work in progress

Just put all the scenery together for our Triple's game just to check what I had and what was still needed. A lot of it still needs painting and need some more bush pieces ,stone walls and a better Kraal  ,also need a cookhouse and ovens. Most of the bits come from the warlord Rorkes Drift set had to buy some extra barricades also from Warlord ,the tents are Rendera  plastic ones based on old DVD's the bush area's I bought from some one at Triple's a few years ago .

from the barricades looking past the Hospital

From the overgrown area 

From the rear of the Hospital looking at the storehouse

The biscuit box wall's

Dofferent angle of the complete(almost)thing the tents at the far corner

Campsite at bottom left 

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