Thursday, 26 March 2015

Play test of my Zulu Rules

Last night saw the premier of my own Zulu war rules at SWGS,Nothing Remains But to Fight . I put on a very simple scenario ,2 companys of British Red coats with a career officer in a camp and another company off table on patrol ,the British Camp is attacked by 3 Zulu regiments and 2 skirmish units .The Zulu's charged en masse and the Brits responded with some stunning volley fire which dropped a lot of the brave fellows but didn't effect the zulus at all ,the oncoming tribal masses smashed intro the Brit lines resulting in a total blood bath although 1 Zulu regiment did succumb to the " washing of the spears " rule which kept them busy for 5 turns . The off table unit of Brits appeared too late to make a difference and the victorious Zulu's limped home to explain their heavy losses . The 2 players John and Ian were both very happy with the rules making couple of very good adjustments to certain things and giving me a couple of great rules ,over all everyone was impressed will do a bigger scenario with a few different types of units next time with a couple more players . I did mean to take a lot of pics and got into running the game so much I forgot to take more than the 2 poor pics shown here.

Turn 1 the Zulu's appear

Turn 4 the 1st round of Hand to Hand ,the end is near . 

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