Sunday, 7 September 2014

Zulu- Inspiration.

With my recent attack on my stock pile of Zulu war stuff , I thought I would dig out all the items  that have inspired me in my (almost) life long fascination with the Zulu War ,My eldest Brother took me to see the movie Zulu when I was about six and since then I couldn't get enough of Impi's and red coats ,I am not saying that all the stuff below is a 100% historically correct but I do enjoy watching and reading these whilst singing men of Harlech and sobbing into me hanky  .The Angus McBride osprey was the first zulu book I bought and the "awful row " pamphlet i bought from the Victorian military Society during the 100th anniversary .

enough said 

Yes washing of the Spears

the Osprey to the right was my 1st Zulu purchase

The book bottom right is a early Ian Knight offering.

The uniform C.D's by T.Reese printed off and bound for ease of use .


  1. May I recommend 'Flashman and the Tiger'?

  2. Thank you , just ordered in on kindle on your recommendation

  3. I second the Flashman recommendation and would also suggest 'A Widow Making War'.
    I'll have a look on my shelves later to see if there's anything else.

  4. Thanks Tim ,I have the Flashman safely on my Kindle now ,the Widow making war is out of print but amazon show a 2nd copy so may go for that as well .