Wednesday, 24 September 2014

No I'm Spartacus

After my recent promotion and operation I have a little more spare time and I have managed to start getting down to Sheffield Wargames Society a little more and last night was invited to play the Spartacus ,Blood and Treachery Board Game . A brilliant game it is too ,loads of back stabbing and lies ,the blood and treachery part is very true. I have not laughed so much in ages ,Thanks to Donny John for inviting me into the game and John G ,Tommo and Bill for all the plotting ,cheating and double crossing .If you have not played this before you must do so .
Spartacus , a wonderful game .
Next week I am being introduced to "little wars " the toy soldier game that has taken the club by storm .


  1. Is "Little Wars" HG Wells' wargame?

  2. Yes a few of the guys have collected some large scale "toy" soldiers and cannon that fire match sticks ,so should be lots of fun .I will post an war and pics as soon as I can .