Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Devils with Wings ,Frozen Sun

Just finished the third instalment of the Devils with Wings series by Harvey Black ,and it's the best of the three , the action moves with Paul and the rest of the Green Devils to the Russian front , some very edge of seat descriptions of the intense combat seen in this theatre of war , as I said this is the best of the three books so far but you must read all three to understand the friendship built between the main characters and you really feel for their losses both at home and on the battle front. The three books take you through the invasion of Poland ,the amazing action at Eben Emeal ,on to Greece and the most famous German Air Assault on Crete to the freezing cold of the Russian war .As a war gamer the books have provided loads of possible scenarios ,and in fact as spurred me on to start painting some Artizan Designs Fallschirmjager that I bought about 5 years ago . I now need Mr Black to right novels about the ACW and Zulu wars and my lead mountain would soon vanish .

the first of my Fallschirmjager platoon 

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