Friday, 14 March 2014

Airfix Scimitar W.I.P

Had a Airfix Scimitar sat in my cupboard for about 4 years waiting for me to try and deal with it ,I had heard horror stories about how bad it was , but a few weeks ago Tim Gow asked if I could take a few snaps of the unmade kit for his brilliant history of Airfix reports on his blog  .Well last night I took it into work for my night shift and cleared my desk and set about the kit , well after about 2 hours of trying to get the tracks on one of them eventually snapped so I decided to replace them with elastic bands they don't look too bad .I will have to base it I think to help hide the joints  ,I did want to try and hide the joints under the front skirt / mudguard but the bands got a life of their own and refused to stick so had to join them under the wheels and they stuck straight away ?. Anyway thrown some S&S stowage on as every in the field photo I have seen of them they seem to have everything including the kitchen sink stowed on top /sides /front. Just need to paint and base and it will be taking part in the Royal British Legion, force on force  game at Triples this year so pop and along and praise my lackey bands .

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