Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The 12th SS

Recently picked up Both volumes of the History of the Hitler Youth Panzer Division for a bargain price of £18.00 for the pair from Amazon ,I have seen them on other on line shops for up to £24.00 each volume so I snatched them up and I am glad I did .They are by Hubert Meyer who was Chief of staff for the 12th SS ,both volumes are made up of reports and sections of diaries from all ranks of the division , all really well put together and keep you reading ,plus for the war gamer there are loads of scenario ideas .

Volume 1
This covers the reasons the division was put together ,the original plans and the reality of what was eventually to see battle,it covers the Battles on and  after D-Day including  the brutal battle for Caen and  up to August 1944 .The book is 580 pages long including some nice B&W photos some of which I have not seen before and some nice maps.

Volume 2

The second book covers the units regrouping after the invasion and the retreat through the Falaise pocket and the part the Division played in the Battle of the Bulge and after the war not only the soldiers time in captivity but also post war reunions and such like ,this book has the same quality of tables ,maps and photographs as the first volume and is 604 pages long .

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