Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Walking Dead

During a recent visit to the Wargames Emporium ,I noticed a Card Game being sold like hot cakes , on further investigation saw it was based on the Walking Dead TV show ,so as all my family are big fans ,I bought it as a family game.

The game itself contains 104 walker cards ,but most are repeat pictures ,there are 4 or 5 different pics thats all, 6 Hero cards Rick , Glenn,T-Dog,Andrea,Maggieand Daryl and the rulebook.

Game Play : Nothing dramatic here ,although there are variations on the game in the rule book they seem to be samey ,although we have only played the first variant. Each player gets a hand of 15 walkers and 1 hero ,then 5 walker cards are laid down and taking turns in order of lowest value cards each player puts down 2 cards ,end of turn. When the walker rows have 5 cards the next player with the corrrect card can steal the row ,the winner being the player with the most "Bullit" markers at the end.The heroes act like a free move card and are then discarded.

Overall : The pics are ok but not enough different zombies or heroes really for the collectors , games plays probably ok for a club on the nights no one brings a game ,definatley more fun with more players ,had a game with 2 and was ok but played with 5 players  it was much more fun.  6/10

A selection of cards and Rule book

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