Wednesday, 3 October 2012

prizes update from Osprey

Hi a slight change of plan those nice people at Osprey have sent their donation to the raffle , excelent service sent the request monday and a big parcel arrived today ,a parcel that includes the following  items i originally was going to just update the last post but if other donations are near this in size its going to get rather messy list so heres the first list.

The Para fitness Flick Book  by Major S.Mcgrath
Soldier I                                by P.winner &M.Paul Kennedy
Force on Force                     by Ambush Alley Games
Bolt Action ww2 rules           by warlord games
armies of Germany                by Warlord Games
The daring Dozen                  by G.Mortimer
El Alamien                            by B.Hammond
Tank spotters Guide             by The Tank museum
Iraq Full Circle                     by Col.D. Wright

a great selection of books something to suit every one ?

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  1. Check your emails - there's another prize to add.