Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A update of all prizes as of 17/10/12 thanks to all the fantastic suppliers for thier help

 Barricade with destroyed pick up
Burning saloon car
Barricade built around car
 Galloping Major
FIW Major Roberts
please visit the Majors web site for more info on the pack contents ,wonderful figures

 Rogue Miniatures

Tommy & Winston
Agent Retro
Agent Cowboy
Major Twatt (love this one )
Bill & Lady Bill
Red Rum
Trav  (need a yellow taxi )
Mirth and Dirth
please visit the rogue web site to spot who's who .

Too Fat Lardies prizes :

Dux Britanniarum rules and cards
I aint been shot mum
Bag the Hun
Through the Mud and the Blood
Charlie Dont Surf
Sharps practice

Sheffield Wargames Society Prize

Tickets for Triples 2013

Osprey prizes

 The Para fitness Flick Book  by Major S.Mcgrath
Soldier I                                by P.winner &M.Paul Kennedy
Force on Force                     by Ambush Alley Games
Bolt Action ww2 rules           by warlord games
armies of Germany                by Warlord Games
The daring Dozen                  by G.Mortimer
El Alamien                            by B.Hammond
Tank spotters Guide             by The Tank museum
Iraq Full Circle                     by Col.D. Wright

more updates has the prizes are confirmed

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