Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Town that never forgets

From Royal British Legion suppporters letter
Sept 2010

" It happened spontaneously. Three years ago a lone Hearse containing a flag-draped coffin passed slowly along Wootton Bassett High street .By chance three men- one of whom is a local British Legion member -were there. They stood to attention.It was only later they discovered it was a fallen soldier who been repatriated at neaby RAF Lyneham .
At the next repatriation the numbers of people payng their respects grew, and so it continued .Now with the numbers of young service men and women who have died whilst defending our freedom in Afghanistan reaching over 320 ,the pavements of this small wiltshire market town are six deep with townspeople paying their repects at each repatriation".

In honour of the towns repatriations The Royal British legion is to open a Field of rememberance dedicated to all those who have lost their lives in Afghanistan.A member of the Royal Family will open the Field of Rememberance on 9th November 2010 inWootten Bassett.

Remember them please support the Royal British Legion .

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  1. There is something very moving when you see the respect that the people of Wootton Bassett have for our fallen heroes.