Friday, 17 September 2010

Britannia Mongoose comparison

Britannia Jackle & Mongoose technical
Britannia Afghans next to a Mongoose technical

The mongoose is slightly slimmer

Side by side

The Mongoose kit kindly sent by Matakishi visit his amazing site

On a recent thread on the Ambush Alley forum it was mentioned that Mongoose publishing was getting rid of some of their ranges, including the battlefield evolution range .I was interested in the technicals that were being sold off at £4.99 for three ,so on the AA forum I asked if any one knew if they 20mm scale , going one better Matakishi sent me three he no longer required ,and here they are , plus some comparison shots with the 20mm Technical sold by Britannia and with some of 20mm afghans and a Jackle also from Britannia . A good match I think.

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