Friday, 23 April 2010

My wargaming targets 2010

With the fund raising I've been doing using Ambush Alley, I managed to get almost all of my 20mm Brits and taliban finished (at the moment I've 5 sas and 2 taliban to finish.But with Dave at Britannia bringing out more stuff this will be an on going project for some time.
Also for AA and FOF I've some Britannia Aussies and VC to start, 28mm malayan stuff from Inkerman and some 28mm ww11 bits as well.For Ambush Z I've loads of zombies and survivors to finish.

I've collected (but not painted ) a lot of Empress zulu war kit and I want to get these finished before I get anymore of these great figures.

Baccus 6mm ACW are also half done and gathering dust

And Peter Pig samurai are calling to play his wonderful samurai rules Battles in the age of war.

So loads to do and no doubt I will get side tracked into something else but I'm determined to make a hole in my lead mountain . I will keep you posted on my progress but words of encouragement would help?.

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