Thursday, 17 October 2019

Night Convoy -A cruel Seas game

We played Cruel Seas again last night ,we will soon need to change the games name as it now doesnt have much of a resembalance to Warlords game.  We played night time action with the Royal Navy trying to intercept an Italian Convoy ,The italians put up an epic defence but The RN reinforcements turned up and 2 Torpedoes hit 2 transports sinking both immediatley with the remaining 2 managing to creep away whilst their escorts put up a great covering action .The random reinforcements and arrival points added a lot to the game .At somepoint soon we will playtest the aircraft rules then write up; our house rules and amendments .
Lighting up the night

The scene of our adventure

The starting force for the Brits

The Convoy advances through the dark

2 more vospers arrive but so do 4 Mas boats 


full speed ahead

The fight begins in earnest 

2 torps one broke the back of the merchant and sank it immediately  the other destroyed the others engines and gave it 90 points of damage only started with 85?

The Italians light up the night

an areial view of an epic encounter


  1. Sounds like a good scrap. Would be interested in hearing how you’ve modified the rules!

  2. I wil print up the amendments ,changes when we have play tested everything hopefully the next few weeks.