Sunday, 18 June 2017

Rorkes Drift Defenders Graves-J.R.M.Chard VC

During my recent holiday we made slight detour and visited the Grave of John Chard VC ,portrayed in the movie by stanley Baker ,Chard stayed at Rorkes drift for a few weeks after the battle building the new stone defences .He was awarded the VC and this was resented by his superiors who disliked him and were doubtful of his part in the battle.He stayed in Afica awhile and was present at Ulundi .He had a long career and was promoted to Colonel in 1897, shortly after this he was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue and after a operation to remove his tongue he was told his cancer was terminal and he retired to Hatch Beauchamp to his Brother Charles 's rectory he died in November after terrible suffering and was buried in the church yard there .

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