Thursday, 23 February 2017

Bolt Action 1st Game

Being a bit eager to play Bolt action and the game we had arranged to take part in at the club being postponed John and myself dug out some old battered ww2 stuff and did a 500pt game USA v Germans in abattered snowy village it was great fun.
Turn 1
Both sides advanced and tried to get into position the only real actionwas when the US sniper took out one of the Germans MMG crew .

Turn 2
Quite a bit more action but only 1 unlucky GI was taken down butthe pins started piling up .

Turn 3
The blood started flowing 4 Yanks and 2 Germans biting the dust ,pins started to make things harder to do as well.

Turn 4

Lots more firing with 3 dead on both sides ,the germans MMG taking another crew casualty but passing its moral test and causing problems for the nervous GI's.with i unit taking to its heels and leaving their comrades to their fate ,

Turn 5
Lots more firing with very little effect other than 2 german casualties .

Turn 6
The end in sight ,another US squad flees the table and the HQ who had proved very effective was wiped out in aflurry of German LMG fire , one good bout of fire from the Yanks was not enough to save the day .A German Victory .

Most of the figures were Artizan ,mat from Urbanmatz and other bits from Various places .

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