Monday, 9 January 2017

new projects for 2017

Ive decided to try 3 new projects this year besides trying to finish off and add to my exsisting armies

Project 1 = 28 ACW ,after my visit to the ACW battlefields last year I thought about doing ACW in various scales 6mm,15mm and 20mm but decided on 28mm using the new edition of Sharpes Practice by too fat lardies ,I have picked the first battle of Bull Run for my armies so lots of colour and strange uniforms rather than the long lines of Blue and Grey .

Project 2 = The 8th army for the upcoming Battlegroup Tobruk rules this will be 20mm using Airfix ,plastic Soldier Company vehicles and SHQ infantry with a few odd items such as die cast aircraft etc .

Project 3 = 28mm WW2 skirmish using Bolt Action by Warlord games ,I had small forces of U.S Airbourne ,Germans and British bought me for christmas so doing very late war period  Arnhem ,crossing the Rhine etc

No doubt each project will expand and I will update hopefully on a regular basis ,wish me luck .

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