Thursday, 10 November 2016

7TV2- Tonights Episode - THE ESCAPE

My first 7TV2 game as a Director took place at Sheffield Wargames Society ,the casts were chosen by the players ,Crime and Police .Both casts were the basic starters plus acouple of extras the police chose aflamboyant agent and angel of justice ,the crime boss chose ahitman and acouple of extra thugs .The Scenario was the Escape .

The show started with the underworld busy loading loot into various vehicles when the boys in blue arrived led by the hard hitting Inspector Jock Vegan ,the good guys  started by blocking all the escape routes with their vehicles ,seeing this the Underworld boss Scarface Calzoni ordered his team of thugs to make a break for it while he and his moll sneaked off to their flash motor ready to make a run for it while their gang sorted out the rozzers . the first few scenes were quite whilst both sides moved into place when suddenly the bad guys opened up on the mainly unarmed good guys ,Vegan taking ahit early on .Using her gadget jet pack our Angle of justice , Ava Feel flew into the midst of the thugs and acouple of roundhouse kicks later a couple of thugs were down and out ,the police unit moved forward and the Sarge made a daring arrest sticking one of the thugs into the police van parked near by . Things started to go bad for the good guys ,with Flamboyant agent Don Speed using his rocket cigarette to no avail and Mrs Feel falling to a very dirty volley of fire from the bad guys and Inspector Vegan took another and he dragged himself behind his vintage motor .Another few scenes of gratuitous violence and Calzoni made abreak for it but the as we headed for the finale of our episode disaster struck for the bad guys , a sudden blast (stuntman required ) from a faulty light  and the remaining thugs burst into flames during this confusion the police marksman finally got into position and started showing what he was paid for ,with the bad guys falling fast Calzoni donned a Disguise kit and leaving his girl stranded made arun for it straight through the police ranks . as Calzoni abandoned his hapless gang a eagle eyed bobby rugby tackled the villain and holds him up just long enough for the final curtain to fall ,a bad night for the bad guys with a police victory .

The game recieved a lot of great comments and I am running 2 games side by side in 3 weeks time and possibly one this weekend .
the crime starter  cast

oops stuntman required (possibly a medic too)

Gadget cards & Countdown cards make each game unique and had loads of tension and fun 

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