Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Ambush Valley ,my Anzacs in action

My Anzacs had their first outing tonight and took a big hammering ,riding into a massive ambush I lost 3 vehicles and 15 dead plus wounded .
It started off very well

still going well

Ambush number 1 ,sorted that one

cross the river -easy stuff

where did they come from

that doesnt look right 

and again

starting to look abit bad now

a light wound .....


  1. fine work on the models but the game gods law holds true- work hard and well produce fine figures and vehicles and they will be ripped to shreds first time out-but once that's over tomorrow good riding to quote Lawrence of Arabia. On another note is the British Legion Raffle on this year? I have prizes to offer as Realplace Terrain drop me a line in response to this or get Jon to give you my address cheers Dave

    1. Hi Dave yes once those RPG's started flying I'd had it , sadly can't do the raffle this year illness and work have given me little time to organise anything but I'm hoping to do something in the new year .