Wednesday, 14 September 2016

ACW Tour -Days 1,2 ,7 and 8Washington DC

Our recent trip to visit some of the ACW battlefields started and ended in Washington .An amazing city of monuments ,memorials ,museums and history .

just around the corner from our hotel not much left other than this information panel 

the much smaller than i thought whitehouse

Churchil stopped here and R.E Lee refused command of the Union forces as well 

rear lawn of the Whitehouse

Martin Luther King Jr

Korean War Memorial 

The relective wall around the meorial has images from Korea etched into it .

US Military pay tribute to its past 

The Vietnam Memorial 

The Women in Vietnam Memeorial 

The Wall

The Diamonds indicate the bodies were recovered The crosses show the body was not recovered

The USMC memorial 

Arlington the former home of Robert E.Lee


The original Tomb of the unknown

Changing the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns

over 400,000dead lay at Arlington 

Washington Zoo

Add caption

The original table and Chairs from the surrender at Appomattox

Snithsonion American History Museum

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