Thursday, 8 October 2015

1/600 Air Wars

Just painted up some Tumbling Dice 1/600 1970's era R.A.F Aircraft to use with the Airwars C21 rules .The aircraft are nice for such tiny things and were easy to piaint up , I have put tiny earth magnets on them so I can take them off the stands for easy transportation.The Decals are from Doms decals and were surprisingly easy to apply . I have a few more Brits and some Ruskies to do . By the way Tumbling Dice are one of our new sponsers in this years Raffle more news soon .
43 Squadron Phantoms

a PR Canberra

111 Squadron Lightnings 


  1. Excellent. I have a whack of 1/700 stuff to do but have no real clue where to start, so will be keen to steal some of your ideas!


    1. Thanks let me know if you need anything and how you get on with yours