Friday, 11 April 2014

Muckleburgh Collection

Chevrolet 2pdr Portee
The Muckleburgh Collection in Norfolk is crammed full of vehicles ,weapons ,uniforms, models ,photographs &paintings and much more .Most of the vehicles are in running condition and can be seen moving about the test track area you can even pay for a ride in an AFV (£100) or for a couple of quid be bounced around the site in a Bedford Truck ,all this plus ashop and a great Cafe. The attractions are too many to list,here are  just a few of the 100+ pics I took on the day .

Centurion Mk5


FV4201 Chieftan

M47 Patton

Part of the AFV collection


Theres something in every corner 



part of the AA collection

M24 Chaffee

Add caption

Most of the vehicles interiors can be viewed

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