Monday, 24 December 2012

New Toys

 Some recent purchases ,they are 20mm die cast helicopters they come "free" with a fortnightly magazine ,the mag is pretty poor but the miniatures are very nice and at £7.99 are about £40+ cheaper than buying the corgi ones and a lot cheaper than available plastic kits .I have 2 others a Blackhawk which I will probab;y never use but that was the 1st one so was only £2.99 and a Cobra for my IDF project. The 3 shown are a Chinook ,Lynx and wessex all will be making appearences all over the globe and time scale the lynx for example will feature in my BAOR 1980's force as well as my modern Brits in Afganistan force (which it is actually marked up for ) ,I am one of those people that know I am playing a game and its not real so dont mind a slight bit of poetic license .

These are available on line as back orders as well as being on sale in WH Smith and Asda at least.


  1. I somehow knew that you'd be buying these!

  2. of course ,but only the ones I need :-(

  3. Call me an old cynic, but I bet you'll 'need' a lot of them!