Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Prizes updates 14th July

Just a complete list of whats up for grabs and from who, in no particular order:::

Ambush alley - 1 each of their in print books , signed by the Alley team each drawn as a seperate prize.

Caliver Books- a 5 issue subscription to Battle Games Magazine

Two Fat Lardies 1 each of :

through the mud and the blood

Charlie don't surf

Bag the Hun

Le Fau Sacre

West Wind have donated 1 of each of:

Scecrets of the 3rd reich Rule book

german zombies pack 1

german zombies pack 3

Doomsday book

Baccus 5 prizes from Peter:

1 x French 1806-1812 army pack

Polemos acw


Polemos Franco Prussian war

Polemos Napoleonic companion

Northstar 1 x 28mm fallschirmjager 24 figure box set

Osprey 1x Fields of Gory
1 x war of religion

with more products on the way from Gripping beast and sands models we are heading for almost £400 worth of prizes

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